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Mayweather vs. Mcgregor fight: The greatest boxer of all time when he’s never had a boxing match? Bruce Buffer: Out of Dublin, Ireland:  The Notorious–I can only think of one. Buffer: Conor McGregor! Joe Rogan: I wanna see greatness .He slept him! I want to see people accomplish the impossible. Mike Goldberg: History has been made! Rogan: And that is what Conor McGregor is setting out to do. Conor McGregor: I’m always looking to make history every single day.And here we are again, more history. Rogan: This fight with Floyd Mayweather, on paper,is one of the craziest mismatches ever.Yet, everyone is compelled because Conor McGregor is inarguably an incredibly special human being. How special? We’re gonna find out August 26th.There’s never been a fight like this.We are in completely uncharted territory.I might have to jump up drag Floyd Mayweather outta bed. See where [bleep] he’s at again. That’s one of the things that makes this fight so fascinating. They keep throwing the Conor McGregor name out there.Conor McGregor, I’m here.Let’s make it happen.When I first heard about this possible match,I thought it was ridiculous. No way.

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John Morgan: This is something you don’t see.This is two different sports coming together. It’s unique.It’s special. Leonard: But now hearing people talk about it,it’s what boxing needs.It’s what the MMA needs. It’s good for the fans. Dana White: This fight has captured the imagination of people because these guys are two enormous stars. Let me show you whata $100 million fighter look like. White: Floyd Mayweather is the biggest star in boxing. We have to bring in numbers and that’s what it’s about. White: And Conor McGregor is the biggest star in the UFC .McGregor: Started from the bottom, now I’m here! It’s entertainment. It’s a spectacle, and this thing got so much hype. It’s good for both sports. You go to England, France, Paris, Africa, wherever it at, It’s gonna be seen all over the world. Everybody and their mama gonna be watching it somewhere. Rogan: It will shatter records,not just in terms of how many people watch it, but how many people talk about the anticipation of it,the build-up, the hype, the arguments,the debates that people will have back and forth as to how it’s gonna play out. McGregor’s got no shot.I think that McGregor has a really good chance.I think this fight will live up to the hype because of McGregor .It’s a fight you don’t want to miss because we’re curious. It’s intriguing. We don’t know what’s gonna happen.
White: This is the biggest fight in combat sports history,in every way, shape, and form.By far.

Baby, we did it! Ranallo: Floyd Mayweather, he remains at the top of his game. Mayweather: We’re talking about world champion 18 years. Best ever! If you wanna watch a great boxer, and someone who really adheresto the true art of the sweet science, Floyd Mayweather is one of the best examples the world’sever seen. Leonard: Floyd is one of the most technical cerebral fighters around. Mayweather knows distance better than almost anyone in the world.He’s very mobile and he’s very hard to hit.His defense is very, very good. Rogan: You’re dealing with a guy who’s 49-0 and has legitimately only been hit clean maybe 10 times in his career. Mayweather: You name him, and I’ll beat him. White: He’s gone up against the very best in the world,and Floyd makes them look like they don’t belong in there with him. Floyd Mayweather is the greatest defensive boxer the world has ever known.Trey Lippe-Morrison: I’ll tell you, he’s a defensive genius.That’s what makes him special. He can not get hit and he hits you back. Ranallo : Mayweather is like fighting a ghost. Ring announcer: And still undefeated–I will say Floyd is a really good defensive fighter, which he is, but he can also fight. Floyd is 49-0 and pound-for-pound best fighter in the world Mayweather is a fighter who…thinks about nothing but winning .And that’s what makes him who he is. White: You might not like Floyd. You might not like Floyd’s style. But let me tell you what, man, it’s hard to deny that he’s one of the all-time greats. Adam Hill: He is a technician when he steps in the ring.

so for Conor McGregor to take this challenge in his first boxing match is just insane. That’s the kind of thing we see from Conor McGregor. Rogan: When you’re looking at Conor, you’re not just looking at an athlete. You’re looking at a rare human being that comes around once every several generations. White: I call him the unicorn. He’s a very special individual when it comes to fighting.In my opinion right now, he’s the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.What makes Conor McGregor so fascinating is not just his accomplishments…Unbelievable! Oh, my God! Goldberg: The new UFC undisputed Featherweight champion of the world. Rogan: …Not just that he’s a two-division MMA champion…And for the first time ever, two divisions champion Conor McGregor !Woo! That looks good!
Rogan: …Not just that he’s taken over the UFC by storm…McGregor: We’re not here to take part. We’re here to take over. Rogan: It’s all those things, but it’s also his mind.

Conor McGregor has an almost psychotic belief in himself .If you can see it here, and you have the courage enough to speak it, it will happen. White: The way that this kid handles pressure, it’s almost like he gets better when there’s more pressure on him. Andre Berto : He’s able to be on such a huge stage like this. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence. You know, it’s definitely what he has.Very seldom do you find those individuals. McGregor, I believe he’s one of them. I see his intestinal fortitude.I see his heart and his big and that speaks for itself. He can do the impossible, you know. And I think he’s one of the strongest fighters ,not just physically, but mentally. People don’t give him a chance, but I do, you know, because he’s strong. He’s not afraid. Leonard: He’s a huge underdog .He knows what he’s up against .But, I believe he feels he can win.He firmly believes everything he says he’s going to do.We’ve seen ridiculous predictions .I don’t just knock ’em out, I pick the round. White: You know, he calls himself Mystic Mac

because he says things that come true.I’m gonna go out there and put Diego away in the first round.
John Gooden: That is it! It is over! McGregor: I said I was gonna put him away in the first round. It’s gonna be a first round KO, mark my words .Rogan: Oh, he tagged him with a left, Mike.

Goldberg: And up top.It is all over! McGregor: And I knocked him out in the first round.
7 You can call me Mystic Macbecause I predict these things. We’ve seen it happen time and time again.I’ll eliminate Chad “Mini” Mendes…Rogan: Oh, he’s hurt! Wow! They’re nothing short of amazing. There’s magic to it. Early on in Conor’s career, you wanted to laugh at his predictions .It will be done in one. Pugmire: You know, you wanted to say it’s just all part of the show.But if you looked at what Conor McGregor has done in keeping his word, you’ve gotta respect what he’s saying. White: Two different belts in two different weight classes. The only guy to ever hold two at the same time.

McGregor: I said I was gonna get here. People said I wasn’t. Doubt me now.I don’t doubt the kid anymore. Rogan: He is capable of greatness. We’ve seen it inside the octagon. So we wonder, can we see this inside the boxing ring?Can he use those same special skills ,that same incredible power,and that psychotic self belief? Can he make all that come together with a win over Floyd Mayweather?
McGregor: If anyone can do it, it’s me .Rogan: What Conor brings to the table that’s incredibly unique
is his movement .Berto: He’s very big on being loose and being agile ,and being able to allow his body to do anything that his mind thinks that it should do. White: Conor McGregor is that unorthodox fighter
that Floyd can’t prepare for.His ability to cover ground is very different than a boxer because he’s used to lunging in to land long punches. White: Conor will come at him from weird angles .His punches will not be lined up the way that normal boxers’ punches are.

and it’s gonna be tough for Floyd to train for a guy like him. Holmes: He gotta let his awkward style take over. He gotta throw punches from all over the place. Here’s one from Georgia. Bang. Here’s one from California. Bang. Here’s an uppercut from the south. Bang, you know what I mean? One shot is all it takes me.His left hand is his best weapon by far.He does have a lot of power with it,and, you know, you can seein the tape swith Paulie Malignaggi, where he hits Paulie easily with that shot, and quite often.Beautiful.I was kind of surprised.I didn’t think he was really that quick, but he is.He’s very quick with it. That’s his bread and butter .That left hand is– that’s what could win him the fight.Conor McGregor can knock out any man his size.And Floyd Mayweather is smaller than him. You gotta have size, reach, length.You’ve gotta have some attributes.White: Now, the fact that the gloves are 8 ounce and not 10 ounce, he’s gonna hit harder. He’ll be a little bit faster.

This lighter glove thing favors Conor big time.With 8 ounces, I’m struggling to give him two rounds. His advantage is that he can fight in close and be a little bit rougher, and try to make it into a fight.
Holmes: He’s got to get Mayweather down in the corner and work on the body, stay in close to Mayweather. Mayweather throw a punch up here, bang.Throw a punch up here. Bang.Just keep going, bang, bang .Punch for punch.Rogan: He’s gotta make this a dirty fight .Make it nasty. Get in his face.
Get on top of him.Use his physical strength and land one of those big bombs in the clinch, and hurt him. Get him to respect his power. And don’t get involved in a technical chess match with perhaps the greatest boxer of all time. Leonard: He cannot beat Floyd boxing.He has to fight him. Make it ugly.

You have to make Floyd mad.Take him out of his game.If I would tell McGregor anything,
I would tell him to fight.Fight. You can’t win by boxing. Holmes: Conor’s got a chance to beat him by putting a lot of pressure. Like Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali. I’m gonna fight you.I’m gonna fight you.I’m gonna rough you up.I’m gonna grab you.I’m gonna push you against the ropes .You gonna hit me? I’m gonna hit you back.I’m gonna do whatever I gotta do to win this fight.The movement, the power, the ferociousness. He’s not experienced this.Mayweather vs. McGregor,the biggest fight in combat sports history, featuring two stars at the top of their disciplines. Fans and experts say that with Floyd being the best boxer in the world,the mixed martial arts fighter simply can’t beat him at boxing.Well, Conor McGregor isn’t coming in to box Floyd Mayweather.He’s coming in to fight him.He’s coming in to disrupt Floyd and the sport of boxing itself. He’s coming in to shock the world. Rogan: Oh! He got tagged; He’s hurt!The first manever to hold two titles simultaneously.The double champ does what he wants!

Let’s look at this fight through the lens of the four ranges of combat. Range 1 is called chest to chest.This is when two fighters are immediately pressing each other. No space between them. Range 2: the pocket.The pocket is a beautiful range in boxing and mixed martial arts.Hooks, uppercuts, tight shovel overhands Range 3: the tight circle.This is where punches are traded. This is where fans are excited.This is brawling range. This is action range. But this is also the range of the highly specialized boxer.Range 4 is known as the outer orbit,and it is an offensive combat range.A mixed martial arts fighter can reach the chin here with his hands.The key to this fight for Conor McGregor will be dominating range 1 and range 4.

Because of his experience with variation in range 1,he will be able to add extra pressure and try to fatigue Floyd Mayweather. He can try to pressure his arms, beat up his skeleton. And at range 4,Conor McGregor, the MMA fighter, the free-fighter, should be more adapted to creating chaos at this range. He’s drawn opponents towards him, controlled the distance, manipulated the gap between them and then delivered power and heat from range 4.Rogan: Oh! He slept him! Unbelievable! Boxers so rarelyfire from range 4.They believe it’s too predictable.We know that McGregor feasts on opponents in MMA from here. Overextending with the straight left ,equal parts elegance and vulgarity. But will it work against a boxer? Sparring sessions with champion boxers prove it can. Taking a straight left hand from Conor McGregor flush at range 4 would be devastating. With 8-ounce gloves, it would be destructive.Rogan: Oh, big shots by McGregor! He’s hurt! That’s it! He has vicious knockout power. McGregor: Nobody can take that left hand shot. When Conor steps into the ring.

With the greatest boxer of the era,he does so, of course, as an enormous underdog .The experts say he has no chance. He’s not even a boxer.I say he has a chance, a very real chance,to defeat Floyd Mayweather, disrupt the art of boxing itself, and shock the world White: Mental warfare is just as much a part of the fight as the fight itself.It’s part of what Conor is the best at. Floyd is an old, weak .Bas Rutten: He’s a master at getting inside people’s heads. All the crap talking that McGregor’s going to do, and hopefully he can get inside his head. White: He’s very, very smart. His comedic timing is perfect.He makes gun signs with the right handand animal balloons with the left hand .I hate to compare people to Ali, but he reminds me very much of Muhammad Ali. This is what confidence looks like.Serious, this is what big Irish look like.He could have road off into the sunset 49-0.I will paint many, many different pictures

in this fight. Dazzle him and then the shots will find their home. This is something that Conor has been saying to him. He’s been saying, “You should have just rode off into the sunset, but you up. You came in here to fight me.”McGregor: You’re alright, Leonard, I like you but I got to be real. When his legacy is destroyed in six weeks time, it’s going to fall on your shoulders.It’s going to fall on Senior’s shoulders.
It’s going to fall on his whole circle’s shoulders.Rutten: Mayweather he’s got that 49.He wants to make it the nice 5-0.And all the people that he meets and in his campwill tell him, “Oh, man this is going to be easy.You are going to knock this guy out. He’s not even in your sport.”

The more people say that, the more pressure he’s going to get.I’m going to knock him out inside four rounds,mark my words.There is no other way about it.He will be unconscious inside four rounds.
Rogan: Conor has said that he’s going to knock Floyd out inside four rounds.He’s been saying that over and over again.He’s planting these seeds of doubt inside Floyd’s head.And he’s got to water those seeds in the first round.He’s got to jump on him and he’s going to him hard He’s got to get Floyd to think that he made a mistake.Leonard: Get in there and let Mayweather know that he’s in here for a fight.You know, that first round is very important for himto initiate who he is and make Floyd respect him.

I’m going to sleep this fool.I’m going to bounce his head off the canvas as well. White: Every word that was said,everything that was done is 100 percent calculated and designed to get into Floyd’s head.
I always come out on top! Joe: Conor McGregor can knock out any man his size.The real question is, “Can he close that distance? Can he land those bombs?Can he get Floyd’s respect?Can he put fear and doubt in Floyd Mayweather? Can he make Floyd Mayweather think that he’s made a mistake,that maybe he should have retired at 49-0?”Leonard: McGregor has not boxed before,but he’s a great fighter. Can anything happen?Yes it can.One punch can change the whole fight. When two men get in there and start throwing punches,anything is possible,especially when one of those men hits like a truckand is an absolute knockout artist. Whenever you get two men and they’re going at it and they are both throwing fists and throwing as hard as they can, there is always a threat between both. Rogan: The idea of him out-boxing the greatest boxer of all-time,that doesn’t seem likely.But the idea of him catching any man on the chin and knocking him unconscious– that’s very likely.Roach: He can always be a threat
because he has that big left hand.He has power in that shot.

Rogan: Eddie Alvarez, the man that Conor beat to win the UFC lightweight title said,”You don’t think that Conor McGregor can knock out Floyd Mayweather, you’re an idiot.”And I think he’s right.If he connects on Floyd Mayweather’s chin the way he connected on Dustin Poirier,the way he connected on Diego Brandao,the way he connected on Eddie Alvarez, on Jose Aldo.Unbelievable!If he can connect like that on Floyd Mayweather,he can knock him out too.You can see McGregor all of a sudden going out there the very first round, throws a crazy looping punch,catches him on the temple, knocks off his equilibrium,and then wails away.That will be front page.Could it happen?It could happen.McGregor has a great shot at it.MMA striking is just a little different.It’s going to take him some time to get used to the distance,the timing, the speed.I just am seeing Conor catching him before that.So, I’m taking McGregor.Rutten: I’m going to put my money on Conor.Power is power, that’s why I give McGregor a chance and I hope that he can land a nice clean left shot.

Conor is really strong and really smart,but I think it’s all going to be about the game plan.
Conor first round.I think in the first half of the fight, Conor wins.Mystic Mac has a tradition of upsetting people.The odds are not in his favor, I will say that. But can Conor get it done?

I think so.The answer is yes, Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather.
McGregor: I am boxing!I Floyd Mayweather wins, he will have the greatest record
in the history of boxing. He’ll be 50-0.He will have surpassed the great Rocky Marciano’s
undefeated 49-0 record .A victory over Conor McGregor will cement him as having the greatest boxing record in the history of the world.When they say Floyd Mayweather, they say,”That’s an all-time great.”I do numbers; I make money.Ranallo: Whether it’s the end or not,Rocky Marciano has company.

12-time world champion, five different weight classes.Best ever.Rogan: It will be a tremendous accomplishment,but not nearly as tremendous as if Conor knocks him out. White: If he catches him and hurts him and knocks him out,it’s literally all anybody will talk about for a year. Rogan: If Conor McGregor wins this fight,it will be the greatest upset in all of boxing ever; surpassing Buster Douglas when he knocked out Mike Tyson. And if he can do it, he will be a legend .It’s going to be the greatest upset in any sport ever.If McGregor can pull this one off,he won’t care what people thought because he will have accomplished something pretty outrageous and incredible. Yeah! Rogan: That’s what he wants to do, is to try to smash Floyd Mayweather in the face and become a legend.

Ray Longo: Conor finishes him in the fourth round like his prediction,I would put him as the greatest fighter of all time.Morgan: Conor McGregor pulls this off,there will be no taming him after that .Holmes: McGregor wins that fight,they are going to make a parade from Las Vegas to New York. Rogan: If Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather ,you are going to be able to hear cheers across the ocean from Ireland. McGregor: The Irish people that supported me,I swear to God, I’ve done it for us.I’ve done it for us. Rogan: The ground will shake, buildings will shake. Windows will shatter. It’s going to be chaos. And he will be the greatest athlete on Earth

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